Lion Class

Welcome to Lion Class. We are a class of three girls and six boys aged between eight and eleven years. We work very hard to follow a structured day, this includes practising routines in order to gain independence and build upon our self-help and communication skills. We take every opportunity to get plenty of fresh air and exercise with P.E., Swimming, Rebound, Forest School and outdoor learning.

Our schemes of Work are grouped into themes and this gives us lots of opportunities to learn in a more holistic way and have fun at the same time. Our work is differentiated to meet the needs and rate of progress of individual pupils and ‘special interests’ are  included to make learning fun.

We like to work closely with parents and welcome all news from home through the home-school diaries and homework. Pupils like to share their news in circle time. Do please tell us about your child’s interests and anything else you feel we should know that would help to make their time with us a happy one. We do our very best to support parents and families.

We value multi-agency support and work with professionals to meet the complex needs of our pupils. Some pupils benefit from a Sensory Diet for their well-being and to increase   focus during learning tasks and this takes the form of activities involving deep pressure such as using a physio ball, theraband, hug vest and outside play equipment. Pupils are  encouraged to choose from sensory activities in between learning.

Off-site visits take place each half-term to enrich the curriculum and take our learning out into the local community.

Pupils in Lion class benefit from working for short periods as a whole group, as part of a small group and in individual work. They make choices throughout the day from photos and symbols made available to them in the classroom, they are encouraged to practice their speaking and listening skills through gesture, sign and speech. They work hard and have fun and we are very proud of them.

Ms Taylor and the Lion Class Team.

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