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Upper Phase Curriculum

Organisation of The Phase


There are four classes in the Upper Phase - Leopard, Eagle, Lion and Owl.  Pupils are grouped according to similar needs and therefore classes may be mixed age.




The curriculum in the 4 classes is based on a Creative Curriculum with core subjects taught discretely. A thematic approach is used with most areas of the curriculum linking to the theme. During each term the Upper Phase will take part in Creative Days based around the theme. Activities will be taught in a cross-curricular way through a wide range of creative activities including Drama. There is a 3-year rolling theme plan which illustrates links to all the National Curriculum Schemes of Work. The Personal Learning and Thinking Skills covered are shown on subject planning.

Lessons and the classroom environment are organised appropriately in each class to meet the needs of the pupils. Lessons reflect an appropriate sensory and/or structured approach to teaching and learning, meeting individual's needs. This ensures the curriculum is more relevant and learning is personalised. The pupils in the Leopard Class have a greater emphasis on physical development to meet pupils' needs.

Upper Phase pupils have the opportunity to use the facilities in different areas of our school including the swimming pool, sensory room, computer room, gym, library, cookery room, music room and the outside learning areas. Each class is timetabled to use these specialist rooms / areas as appropriate to the needs of the children. Forest School is timetabled for each Upper Phase class on a fortnightly basis and this session is led by our Forest School Practitioner.

We work closely with our parents and a range of professionals to meet the needs of our pupils.


Theme Overview


  2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
Autumn Term Me, Myself and I Infinity and Beyond Sense-ational Materials
Spring Term Creature Comforts The Restless Earth Windows on the World
Summer Term Master Chef Digging for Victory Kaleidoscope



Enrichment Activities


Off-site Education is provided to support and enrich aspects of the curriculum and to provide integration into the wider community. Pupils may visit local parks, libraries, shops, garden centres, farms, the cinema, Sycamore Green Adventure Centre, Dudley Zoo, West Midlands Safari Park, Art Centres and other suitable venues.

Other enrichment opportunities include Sherborne, Rebound, peripatetic music specialists, P.E. coaches and visiting theatre companies.




Upper Phase pupils have the opportunity to attend clubs at lunchtime including dance and sports clubs, Makaton club and reading club.


S.M.S.C. and promoting British Values


In line with the Old Park school philosophy and ethos, the Upper Phase strive to promote British Values both within the curriculum and through peer guided interaction. Pupils and staff are encouraged to explore what it means to be British within our diverse, multi-cultural society. Pupils are encouraged to explore what many people identify as being typically British and how over-generalisations can lead to stereotyping. Pupils and staff also discuss their own identities and the groups they feel they belong to.

The staff who work in Upper Phase understand the importance of the 'Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning', incorporating this in all aspects of their interaction with the children throughout the school day.


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