Post 16 Class 1

Class 1 is our first class in our 14-19 Phase.  It is a class with a cohort of Key Stage 4 SLD learners.

The curriculum is predominantly still class based, where the process of transition from ‘school’ to ‘sixth form’ begins.  The students work toward becoming more independent and also transferring the skills they have learnt so far to everyday, real life situations.

Students in Class 1 continue to work within the National Curriculum Key Stage 4 guidelines and also begin working towards completing a number of ASDAN topics. Students will be attempting to complete their 'Transition Challenge' where they can achieve their silver accreditation certificate. There is a cross curricular approach to the themes used within subject areas giving the opportunity to provide a full and balanced curriculum.

The students work as a class for the majority of the timetable, with the opportunity to consolidate and extend their learning within the local environment.

There is also the opportunity for outside learning within the forest schools area.

Within the 14-19 Phase the students will experience enrichment days, focusing on different subject areas and having the opportunity to work alongside different peers and staff.


Students will be encouraged to be as active and as healthy as possible in Class 1 in line with our healthy schools policy.  We will continue to work extremely hard on our physical fitness whilst trying to learn new skills and techniques.

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