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Middle Phase Curriculum

Organisation of the Phase   

Middle Phases consists of Dolphin, Tiger, Parrot and Bear Classes. We offer all pupils a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is differentiated to meet the needs of individual pupils. We work closely with our parents and welcome and value multi-agency support working with a range of professionals to meet the complex needs of our pupils. We actively promote the Old Park School Vision and Mission Statement. During the week the three Middle Phase Classes come together for a Phase assembly. We also integrate at playtimes, during special days such as French Day and termly Phase outings.



OPS Curriculum overview sheet

Middle Phase pupils follow the National Curriculum Equals schemes of work which are used to ensure appropriate coverage. Some of the Foundation Subjects are taught in a thematic way. See the table below. Pupils swim regularly in our pool.  


Theme overview  






Autumn term                




Water World                        

Our World


Spring term







Summer term



Community Links

Weather & Seasons



Enrichment activities  

Middle Phase benefit from a variety of enrichment activities including Sherborne (  a body/special awareness and movement session.) Rebound ( experience on a large trampoline), regular curriculum based off-site opportunities, visiting theatre companies including Bamboozle an interactive, multi-sensory experience, peripatetic music specialists and specialist PE coaches etc.  



Middle Phase pupils benefit from opportunities to join a variety of clubs during lunchtime or after school. These include Reading, Mr Tumble (Makaton), Computing, Dance, Flex & Tone and Music


S.M.S.C. & promoting British values

In line with the Old Park School philosophy, Middle Phase strive to promote British Values both within the curriculum and through peer guided interaction. Pupils and staff are encouraged to explore what it means to be British within our diverse, multi-cultural society. Pupils are encouraged to explore what many people identify as being typically British and how over – generalisations can lead to stereotyping. Pupils and staff also discuss their own identities and the groups they feel they belong to.

The staff who work in Middle Phase understand the importance of the ‘Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning’, incorporating it in all aspects of their interaction with the children throughout the school day. Each Phase in the school has a board promoting SMSC including aspects of sharing special objects, stating why individual children are ‘Shining Stars’ and celebrating cultural difference. In Middle Phase individual children are encouraged to explore their own individual ‘ Wishes and Feelings’ and Intensive interaction is timetabled for the children where they take the lead when communicating with adults. 

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